H5 Mobile Games [Devil Hunter] Legend One-click start server + GM management background + external network IP modification

Resource description:

  1. This resource is a skin change resource for the Thunder H5 mobile game. The default single rack setup does not require IP modification.

  2. Since this resource was changed from the Thunder H5 mobile game, if the client prompts “connect fail! logger server 10061 Unable to connect because the target computer actively refused. “This content is normal, please ignore it.

  3. This resource is equipped with a full set of GM online management background, which can send e-mail, recharge monthly card and other functions.

  4. If you need to set up an external network, please refer to the external network IP modification tutorial to modify it.

  Start the tutorial:

  1. Unzip the resource pack and place the “LSCQ” folder into the root directory of drive D. D: \ LSCQ

  2. Open the link “Game erection peripheral tools collection stickers (one-stop download)

  ”[Microsoft Common Runtime Collection 64-bit]” or “[Common Game Setting Environment (x64 & x86)]” to install the game environment. (Ignored if installed.)

  3. Open the “D: \ LSCQ” folder, run “[1] phpStudy”, click “Start”, and wait for “Apache” and “MySQL” to be green. (If the startup fails, please run as administrator.)

  4. Double-click to run “[2] Start Service 1 Zone.bat” and wait for a while to enter the game. (After running, you can directly open the interface to register. After about 5 seconds, there will be a very fast loading, then you can enter the game.)

  5. Enter “” in the browser, and after opening, click “register”-enter “account password”-“register”-select “[www.zuixinyuanma.com]” to enter the game Just fine.

  For GM management background, database, external network IP modification, please see the tutorial document in the resource.

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